8)ARROW(2012-)-This crime action tv serial is based on oliver queen a billionaire turned vigilante,just like batman but it has some difference than batman not just the fact he uses a bow arrow but the story line is very different and it’s filled with interesting twist and turns and action and too much fillers too.tir dhanush

7)The flash(2014-)-based on dc comic’s character the flash is an amazing show with epic visual effects and mind blowing action.the story is about Barry allen played by Grant gustin. A forensic scientist in central city who is struck by a lighting bolt and wakes after nine months and discover his power to run at lighting speed.while the acting is not so good but action and amazing visual effect will keep you entertain.


6)Homeland(2011-)-this crime thriller is based on Carrie Mathison,a cia officer who suffers from bipolar disease,after an unauthorized operation in iraq,she has reassigned to counter terrorism center

Whilst in Iraq, she was warned that an American prisoner had been turned by Al-Qaeda. When Nicholas Brody, a U.S. Marine Sergeant, is rescued after being held hostage since 2003, she suspects that he is the one. While Brody is received home as a war hero, Carrie goes to any lengths necessary to catch him out. Will she able to disclose the identity of Nicholas brody?. Carie Mathison played by Claire danes.

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5)Jessica jones(2015-)-most probably the chances if you are going to watch this series you have already watched netflix tv series Daredevil which is a amazing show.the story is based on jessica jones a failed superhero turned into a detective to defeat crime in new york. one day she was investigating a case of kidnapping of nyu student but she found this was something more of a kidnapping
case will she able to defeat demons destroying her city and inner demons destroying her?.Find out in the netflix tv show Jessica jones


6)The walking dead(2010-)-we all know there are thousand of zombies movies and tv shows but what really it feels like to be an be in an zombie apocalyptic world?no one can tell better than the walking dead series .the first tv show on which a video game was made.The series is violent and gritty that can make your food undigestible,the series is based on  Rick Grimes is a former Sheriff’s deputy who has been in a coma for several months after being shot while on duty. When he awakens he discovers that the world has been ravished by a zombie,he struggles to survive in the horrofic world.



3)Daredevil(2015-)-while most of the things on my list are based on ratings and verdicts but this one is one of my personal favourite. Everything in the show is amazing acting,direction,music and action except for the costume but don’t worry that changes in season 2.if you are thinking that this tv series  is just like the movie you are wrong.This series is based on Matt Murdock a blind lawyer who turns a vigilante in night to stop the people destroying hell’s kitchen.


2)Narcos(2015-)-how would a life of a crime lord who owns money even more than to buy his whole country?.The netflix tv show has successfully depicted the life of drug lord Pablo Escabar with drama and movie like action.A life of a druglord isn’t just shooting bullets and smuggling but the way of managing his whole empire and focusing on balance between family and business.


1)Games of throne(2011-)-ok,well i think you are not so suprised by this one cause this the most pirated tv shows of all time.i really don’t know where to start from begging to end it is an epic.with amazing acting and super cool story with so many twist and turn it made us laugh,it made us cry and it made sympathy with characters.i really don’t know what say about this show.