10)Listen to music-while at work or at gym listening to music can help to concentrate at your work, try some adrenaline pumping songs like-till I collapse, Lose yourself, avicci levels or anything and if you don’t want some adrenaline then you should try some soothing music without words.

9 )organize your workplace-A  workplace where everything is not organized can make your work difficult and you can’t find things on time and get you can become irritated, try using sticky notes to make things easier .

8) make everyone around you, your friend-colleagues sometimes can be irritating but you have to work together and if you don’t like whom you’re working with you can easily become irritated but if you make if you make everyone around you you’re buddy then working is easier and if you are bored then you can chit chat anytime.

7) Make your workplace,a little entertaining-I know work and entertainment can’t be together sometimes but try to entertain yourself while at work, you can observe the scenery outside your window or you can read a magazine while lunch time or Sudoku can help you

6)make your workplace a little happy place- when your  workplace is dull and dark your moods become the same, try making it a little happy place by  sticking the picture of your family, I am not talking about making like a little girl’s room painted with bright color but placing things which you like or make your mood happy

5)Change your job-it is not advisable, do it only after thinking too much about it. Sometimes you do this, to make your life better,if you don’t like it then leave because you should always do what you love.

4)Try changing your location of workplace-changing the location the workplace is a good, try a place where you can observe from out of the window or wherever you like.

3)Change your attitude –Like your workplace, sometimes you can do nothing you have to accept it because you have some responsibilities you can’t just quit your job because you don’t like it but you have to go on try being courageous and do work with full devotion.no tantrums because your life depends on your job and family is our lives

2)make a list of what you like and what you don’t- ask yourself why you don’t like it and make your attitude positive about It.

1)take breaks-Take breaks and use it wisely because all work and no play makes the jack dull,in break you can play basketball with your friends or you can paper airplane race, even I do it sometimes   or you can play simple games at your office(warning: don’t do do anything silly that can harm your office property or your body,it can even get you fired)