He is the one of the most trained and skilled assassin in whole marvel universe and he is the most hilarious character in Marvel universe, yes! you guessed it right-he is the merc with mouth, Deadpool.

1) He was cursed by thanos for immortality- it’s the best point that Deadpool fan use it in their argument, not even batman is immortal and not even wolverine, nor spiderman or hulk or captain America but Deadpool is. Deadpool is obsessed with DEATH and Thanos too but when mrs. Death chooses Deadpool but Deadpool and mrs.death can only unite when Deadpool will die, Thanos got angry and he cursed Deadpool for immortality.

2) He is the biggest fourth wall breaker in the comic universe- Deadpool’s hilariousness is his trademark and with constant fourth wall breaking, he becomes the funniest superhero in whole comic universe, nobody can break the fourth wall like him.

3) He has worked with all the character in marvel universe- He has worked with all marvel and some of the dc’s too. My most favourite crossover was Deadpool and spiderman but everyone thinks he is annoying.

4)He is a parody of dc’s deathstroke- dc can’t be humorous like MARVEL at all, deathstroke is a highly trained assassin and he isn’t funny at all but Deadpool is just opposite of him, he isn’t serious at all and their name are just same-Wade Wilson and Slade Wilson.

5)He donates his organ’s constantly-Deadpool has amazing regenerative powers and it is not a big problem for him to cut off his body parts and donate them, Deadpool may be a merc but he has got a good side too.

6)He has a special corner for kids, animals and those who are in need-As I said he has got a good side too, he is anti-hero but still kind hearted and has got a moral code too.

7) He has defeated Galactus- yes, you heard it,he has defeated Galactus not by any weapon not by any tactics but with his mouth. once Galctus hired Deadpool for a contract but Deadpool was chattering non stop and finally Galctus gave up

8)He make mistakes just like us- even, though he has great regenerative power, He makes mistakes like us too and that’s why we can relate ourselves to Deadpool easily.

9)He is violent but still he is hilarious- well violence is a thing which most of the normal people don’t admire but still Deadpool’s violence is totally hilarious.

10)He knows how to make the best situation out of worst- well, we think we control the situation but sometimes situation controls over you and Deadpool is best at this, whatever the situation is he never loses his mind.