On june 3, we have lost our champion, The people’s champion-Muhammad Ali but Ali will still remain in our hearts. This list is a tribute to our champion, He was a great personality even in the ring and even outside the ring .

1. He was proud of what he was- before he changed his name from Muhammad ali his name was Cassius clay, he converted into Islam to change his slave name to Muhammed ali to show the world he is proud to be an African American and he is just like other humans and I think you remember “what’s my name uncle tom?”
2. He always stood for what he believed- when Elijah, the man who gave Ali his name was shot and killed but Ali wasn’t afraid of getting shot and dying but instead he stood up and told the world that he isn’t afraid.
3. He didn’t want to kill innocents- This is an another example of him standing up against all odds, well boxing is a game where aggression is compulsory and he was but only to his opponent not to ordinary and innocent people, in Vietnam when US government offered him to join army he straightly refused to kill innocent people and for this Ali was banned for 3 years.
4. He did history’s most amazing comeback- Even after getting banned for 3 years, he defeated all odds .3 years is a long time and Ali haven’t fought with anyone for 3 years and new players with new style arrived but he still managed to defeat them, even though he lost to Joe Frazier but his comeback was still amazing.
5. He was inspiration to all- no matter what color, which country ,which race or which religion, he was an inspiration to all of us. When he refused fight in Vietnam he became an inspiration to all African American and he also gave us the famous quote- float like a butterfly and sting like a bee and he became inspiration to all boxers.
6. He never take his words back- Ali was known for commenting and humiliating his opponent and he doesn’t even regret on it and he made many opponent outside the ring too.
7. He was fearless- you are thinking that we are repeating things but commenting and humiliating your opponent is a thing that many of the boxers have done but going against the government only some of the people can do and Ali was one of them.
8. He knew he was a champion even before became a champion- He was confident even in the ring and even outside the ring, his pride should be compared to Alexander-The great . he faced his opponent like he knows he’s gonna win it even before the fight.
9. Not every has the courage to become from nothing to a God- He suffered from lot of racial discrimination in his childhood, at a store he was not allowed to drink water, he was deeply affected by these things and after returning from Rome Olympics, he was refused service at a “whites only” restaurant but he showed the world, who he was at the end.
10. When somebody hit him, He hit them again with double force- I’m not talking about his boxing matches but in the outside world, he was racially discriminated, he was humiliated by some boxers, he was threatened to death and he was banned for 3 years by US government but even after all this he didn’t stop and hit all the odds with double force, that’s why he is known as the unstoppable fighter- THE LEGEND MUHHAMED ALI

We still love Ali you are forever in our hearts.