10)DOOM(1993)-Think about a world filled with zombies, demons and lots of your crazy imagination and lots of violent weapons too , oh yeah!! This is the game to let the beast out of you. This was one of the first FPS games back in 1993 and it was also a attractions of controversies than number of players and only after this game ESRB rating became important but even after lot of controversies this was the coolest at that time.

9)Duke nukem 3d(1996)-after playing nuke dukem forever i beg the developers to leave this franchise or either you should make another legend game like this game .Duke nukem was the coolest game at that time with tons of weapons,different levels and cool graphics(for that time).I just wish they make another game like this. The story is about an alien invasion and our hero Duke nukem is there to stop them and you can spend hours and hours in search popular pop culture refrences.

8)CRYSIS(2007)-When we think of fps,we think about a man whose hand is only visble shooting bad guys but this game was ahead of that that time time.Wearing a iron man like suit and being invisible and shooting people,super strength and other super power you can enjoy with intense action and a good story. Another game about an alien invasion but the story is a little different i don’t wanna give spoilers.
7)Team fotress 2(2007)-We all know valve corporation the developers of half life game yet an another amazing game from valve corporation,well it doesn’t have story at all but it is a really amazing multiplayer game,there are tons of weapon and modes which you can enjoy,it is violent but it can make you laugh too.
6)call of duty MW-We all know this game franchise but back in 2007 it wasn’t the most popular game but a miracle happened and BOOM! this game became one of the highest selling video games of 2007.It was different than any other COD game with a good story and and lots of action. A civil war has broken out in Russia between the Russian government and Russian ultranationalists under the command of Imran Zakhaev who seek to restore Russia back to its former Soviet-style leadership. A revolution has toppled a regime in an unnamed Arabic country which has ties to the Russian ultranationalists, with Khaled al-Asad coming to power. These two simultaneous events are causing fear that al-Asad and Zakhaev might form an alliance and use nuclear weapons against the West. In response to these concerns, the United States and the United Kingdom conduct joint operations to put down both uprisings, without putting their own nations’ security at risk. Will they succeed?
5)HALO:combat evolved(2001)-the famous xbox console that we know today was started to getting famous by this game.it made the xbox console to reach its zenith.such a great game with an epic story and amazing soundtrack made it an epic.the game is situated in future when the Earth is destroyed and humans are set out to find a new planet to survive,their only hope hope is ancient planet known as halo but there still difficulties in the path of humans,an alien species had attacked the human race,can master chief protect the human race?
)007 n64(1997)-This 1994 based game on the only good bond movie of Pierce bronsan,It was one of the most revolutionary video games of all time.The analog which we use it today was used in this game.yeah itsn’t the first fps game but it is amazing.The story is based on a secret agent named James Bond and united kingdom is under a threat of a nuclear attack and james bond has to stop it, like always the story is old but gameplay is revolutionary.
3)Deus ex(2000):If you liked the movie The matrix then you’re gonna love this game,itsn’t like the movie but it has some similar things. The game is situated in 2051 you are a untaco,who is on a mission to save the world from conspiracies. This game uses urban legends to make an amazing story and with amazing soundtrack
2)Portal(2007)-A test subject wakes up in a scientific facility controlled by a sadistic artificial intelligence and must escape with the help of the only instrument she has–a gun that makes portals.this is very interesting storywise and by gameplay. The story will make you sit infront of your computer screen for hours the voice acting is also incredible and it is must for every gamer and who can forget GLADOS?

1)Half life 2(2004)- it’s not a game but it’s an art, no one has ever seen such a good game like and the story is epic and soundtrack too. After a teleport malfunctions, letting aliens from a planet called Xen into the Black Mesa research facility. Dr. Gordon Freeman who designed the teleport escapes and is coerced into working for an unscrupulous government agent known only as the G Man. Placed into stasis by the G Man, Dr. Freeeman awakens on a train heading for a massive European city known only as City 17. An alien empire called the Combine watches over an army of human minions that occupy earth and enslave it’s populace, devouring its resources. And sitting within the massive fortress called the Citadel that controls the oppression is none other than Gordon Freeman’s old administrator, Dr. Wallace Breen. Uniting with his old acquaintances from the Black Mesa research facility, Dr. Freeman finds himself the one free man of Earth with the fate of humanity resting on his shoulders and one bad news for the Half life fans, there will never be a half life 3 because Dr. Gordon Freeman has already lived 2 half lives and that makes a full life or valve should start a new life( just kidding).