Whatever you are,wherever you or who you are, Eminem songs inspire all of us. Without any doubt i can say that he is the best rapper alive, he is a rapping machine and you can literally lose yourself in his music.This list is dedicated to Mr.Marshall Bruce Mathers.

10)Space bound(2011)-Recovery is one of his best album, in this song he expresses his feeling like a poet,well most of his songs are poetic but in this he explains how he feel deep inside his heart and the chorus is catchy and best part of the song.

9)The way i am(2000)-In this he raises some questions about the question raised about by the media  like a guy is getting bullied in the school and then he shoots the whole but the media raises question about him but they don’t ask where were his parents were?. Eminem doesn’t give a damn to anyone and this song shows it, he explains his frustration about how he get blamed on everything happening around and this makes you feel like you’re really in his place.

8)Mocking Bird(2004)-This song shows how Eminem can turn poem in a rap,even if you are a parent or a child of your dad but this song touches your heart. It makes you feel about how much your parents or you have sacrificed for your better future, the chorus is amazing and best part of the song is”Daddy wanna give you a life that i never had”.

7)The real slim shady(2000)-This song can be one of his funniest song and it has a message some people thinks that Eminem hates gays but this song shows he hates everyone in a equal way and there are more important issues than gay marriages and people are just like him but he is not an alien from another planet.

6)Sing for the moment(2002)-If you are this a list made by just violent fan boy like Eminem then how can he raise a little girl?,this has some very deep meaning and can be understood by only those who knows about of his life.In this song he again makes the media targets about being targeted by media, He says that music is doesn’t kill someone but people kill people and it’s the killer’s choice to kill someone not music has told him.

5)When I’m gone(2004)-This song shows how Eminem can turn even a conversation into a rap,He shows his fear about how her daughter will survive the cold,cruel world if he is not there.He is trying to convince Hailey that she has to stand strong and keep her little sister safe, it is the fear of most parent that how will their child survive without them and people can easily relate this feeling to him.

4)Till i collapse(2002)-when you feel tired of thinking of pursuing your dreams, you feel like you wanna give up but then you listen to this and you work hard until you collapse.Whether your at work or at gym you can listen to this and pump some adrenaline in your veins and work till you collapse.

3)Not afraid(2010)-Everyone of us is surrounded by problems in our life but you can hide in a room, fearing what will happen outside the room.Eminem became a drug addict after so much up and down but he came out of his addiction and want you too to also come out of that addiction.This a highly inspirational and can make any depressed person can make him stand up on his feet and make him pumped up.

2)Stan(2000)-whoa! this not a song but art and this the most emotional song i have heard what happened to Stan and his girlfriend was very sad, in fact this song is most depressing. Eminem has converted a letter into a rap nothing can be so creative like this.

1)Lose yourself(2002)-I remember it was my first speech at my college,i was nervous as hell then i took out my ipod and plug in my headphones and suddenly beats started flowing in my veins filling up a unknown energy like a magic in my veins and i prepared myself and got ready to face the world.This song is the best in his career and it’s one of the aggressive too.it’s lyrics are catchy and chorus is amazing and it deserve to be in the first place.