We all are travelers, life itself is a journey but every journey ends but every time you carry memories and someday your life’s journey will end too but you can make people remeber your life and make them say “i want to live a life like that too”. Here are the top 10 places that must be in bucket list.

10)Rome,Italy- Ever thought how the brave fighters gladiators lived?, Even if you don’t like history you’re gonna love this place. This place is a evidence of lot of historical events, The air of Rome makes you feel like a king and remember in Rome, do what the romans do!!.(places to visit- Colosseum,pantheon church,trevi fountain.)


9)Rio de janario,Brazil- carnivals,fun and music, lot of fun!!. it’s 2016 and the olympics games are just going to happen and still you’re here?, c’mon now pack your bag and get ready for some beach parties even you can view some spectacular scenes and it’s a good spot for photographers too especially “Christ the redeemer” the 700m statue. (places to visit- ipanema, corcovado, santa tersea, Botafago)


8)Blue lagoon, Iceland-  Do you love going to spa? yes? but all that artificial stuff makes your skin more rougher and damages your skin, try the blue lagoon natural spa it’s all natural. what you’re asking what is so great in a spa? Take a good look at this picture down below, it’s a natural paradise and better and less expensive than other spas and it must be on your bucket list.

blue lagoon

7)Tokyo,japan-Forget about pizza from Italy, Hamburger from Germany now it’s time to get try freshest sushi in the world and become a japanese samurai. Here you can try the delicious cuisine(sometimes it may look creepy) and hundreds of places to visit like Meiji shrine, senso-ji, shinikjku gyoen and Tokyo imperial palace(my favorite place). When the sun falls down this city’s true beauty comes out even japan is famous for its culture but it’s a true metropolis too, you can enjoy shopping until you fall down. hey wait! I’m forgetting something oh yeah!!- capsule hotels, i can bet that you haven’t seen this type of hotel.


5)Venice,Italy- On this list we have two cities from one country, I can’t resist from this city it feels like your in a disney movie. Traveling from one place to another in a boat is awesome and it is a must for art lovers, you can visit Peggy gugenheim art museum and to see the great architecture saint mark’s basilica.( places to visit- Grand canal, Dorsoduro, Lido di venezia.)


4)Agra,India- India, a beautiful and colorful country with a lot many things to do but Agra is the most visited place in the country , the reason- Beautiful monument made of white marbel with an amazing backstory and the amazing colorful festival Holi and the celebration of victory of good over evil – Diwali.(places to visit-Agra fort, Mehtab bagh, Tomb of akbar)


3) Cairo, Egypt- Mummy movies are now a cliche but not the real egyptian pyramids are, you have seen a lot of mummy movies but not anything like this. It is the example of what a humans can do and best architectural style till to this date. you can’t believe this but the methods by which egyptian made these pyramids are still used and can buy some souvenirs at khan el khalili.(pyramid of djoser, coptic museum , city of dead)


2)Santorini, Greece- Before reading this scroll down, ok, now i know what you’re thinking- whoa! this city is beautiful but everything beautiful comes out of something ugly. The city was formed by volcanic eruption and this is something which you cannot everywhere in the world, beautiful architecture of building and good selfie surely will make your friends jealous .(places to visit- kamari, oia, Therasia, Emporio)


1)Northern lights- If your thinking i have not mentioned your favorite places, so take a look down and say anything now!, This not something ordinary but i think it’s made by god and this is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. Now, time for a little science, you’re wondering why this thing occurs? i will tell you, there are different phenomena for different color i cannot tell the reason behind all because I’m not a science teacher but i can give you a brief. Northern lights occur at higher altitude of Artic and Antartic region, these light start to form in magentosphere and when solar winds( charged waves disposed from the sun) come in contact they form these aurora. isn’t it amazing?( warning: magnetical waves may harm your mobile phones and cameras.)


i hope you agree with my list nothing on the list was personal and if you don’t comment.

thank you for reading!