When I was a child I used to like Spiderman, I liked his amazing powers and web swinging but when I grew up I became a batman fan and he became my inspiration sure he is a fictional character but he inspires everyone and everybody has batman in him. Once a friend of mine asked me “why do you like that bat creep? , I said him this-
1) He is a human– He isn’t a mutant or an alien from any other planet but he is a completely normal human and he trained himself for fighting like that. Well, that’s not enough for readers to relate with him but there is a lot more in him that you can relate with him.
2) He always stands for what he believes– When in The dark knight, joker killed Rachel he didn’t lose his hope and keep fighting him. Batman and joker are two part which complete itself, joker wants batman to kill him and show the world that everybody is murderous as him but he never kills him because killing isn’t solution.
3) He isn’t afraid of anything- Superman, an alien who has god like power vs batman, a genius, playboy, master of 18 martial arts and a master escapist. Well you must be thinking that superman will win( if you haven’t watched Batman vs superman) but batman is the only one who has the courage to fight superman, who can’t be defeated anyone but Batman is just a human and not any god but he still fights superman and punch him right in the face.
4) He has got the attitude- When he asked superman “do you bleed ?” it was the most epic scene of the movie as rest of the movie was rubbish. He really has some of the best one-liners in the comics and nobody can be compared to batman.
5) He is prepared for anything- He is the master of 18 martial art, a genius, a master escapist and the world’s greatest detective but that’s not enough to fight crime he also has loyal butler and lot of gadgets and some side kicks( ehh, I don’t like them). Suppose you’re inside riddler’s trap and you can’t get out of it but batman can by using his detective skills and hi-tech gadgets. He can also beat every member of justice league because he has already planned for it and no other character in the dc universe can beat them.
6) He is like all of us- No, I am not saying that he is a human but he has his own fears(sometimes) and he makes mistakes just like us, he is a superhero but he is just like us – he can feel sorrow, he also gets angry and it’s easy for everyone to relate with them.
7) He learns from his mistakes– The biggest example for this is his origin, when his parents died he became batman so that this misfortune cannot hit someone else child.
8) He will be always batman– Remember, the ending of TDKR, he didn’t say he will leave Gotham but he said that he will return when Gotham needs him. In the whole dark knight trilogy his enemies keep coming and they tested his different skills but he keep fighting them.
9) He is the king of all superheroes- He is the most popular superhero in movies, comics and video games, The dark knight is the best superhero movie and the killing joke is a highly acclaimed comic and the batman arkham series is just fantastic.

10) He is the world’s greatest detective- With his hi-tech gadgets, he can solve any crime and with hi-tech gadgets he also has the skill to use them( sorry Sherlock fans).

and the next day he bought The dark knight trilogy and played all arkham games.